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When everyone and everything moves on, music stays forever.

the keepsake circle

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what we do

At The Keepsake Circle, we work with bereaved parents and families within palliative care organisations (eg; hospices), to memorialise their children in song. Each song is individual to that family and a lasting tribute to the joy they brought to their families lives.

We work through palliative care organisations, such as Children's Hospices, alongside families who have endured the most heartbreaking of losses. Using their stories and memories, we write original songs for their very special child who has gone too soon. 



Who We Are


When Covid hit in 2020, international singer and host, Kiki Deville, found herself with the spare time she had always wanted to write a song for her son Dexter, who passed away in October 2007 from Zellweger Syndrome, at Derian House Children’s Hospice.

After meeting seasoned singer/songwriting Angus Powell, they co-wrote “The Day” for Dexter and realised that the process itself was painful but incredibly rewarding. They pitched the idea to Derian House, who funded a pilot programme.

The first album The Keepsake Circle; Chapter One was released in November 2021. Chapters Two and Three are now available. The first album for Helen and Douglas House in Oxford is due to be released June 28, 2024.


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